Teachers Portal

Teachers Portal

As part of our continuing quest to bring nature into the classroom, we would like to supplement our programs with a variety of supplemental materials for your free use. We will be adding to these materials on a regular basis. Please feel free to share this page with other educators.

Claudia with Ash the Black Vulture at a school visit

Insect Study

Financial support for our insect program comes from Air & Waste Management – Niagara Frontier Section

Vast amount of teacher resources on insects (Must have account)

An interesting PBS NOVA video on owls.

Free insect online identification guide

Free downloadable arthropod worksheets

Owl Ecology

Have your classroom sponsor a Wild Spirit Owl

An interesting PBS NOVA video on owls.

Bone Chart small printable (for owl pellet dissection)

Full page mouse bone chart (for glueing bones onto)

Full page bird bone chart (for glueing bones onto)

Mouse & Bird labeled bone chart (for owl pellet dissection)

Rat Skeleton labeled chart (for owl pellet dissection)

Owl Coloring sheets – Owl Owl2 Owl3 Snowy Great Gray

Owl Pellet worksheets (High School level)

Climate Change

Exploring the Environment – Global Climate Change

Native American Lore

A great link for Native American Stories

The Iroquois Tribes

The Story of Peacemaker

The Iroquois Language

Native American Tribes of New York

Native American Crafts for Kids

Native American Games

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