Wild Spirit Education

Bringing Nature Into the Classroom

Othello the Barred Owl

Wild Spirit Education’s focus has always been to better the natural world. Through our variety of education programs, scientific research and advocacy we serve this mission.

We offer a wide variety of Environmental Education programs that can be done in schools, eldercare facilities, company picnics or natural areas. If you are interested in scheduling a program with us, please call us at (716)202-8002.

Wild Spirit is also involved in scientific studies including NestWatch and Frogwatch. We are a local Frogwatch and Nestwatch chapter.

Jay and Orion the Red Tailed Hawk


Wild Spirit Education is one of the premier Environmental Education facilities in Western New York. Our educational programs span a variety of nature topics, from survival skills to birds of prey to nature games. We believe that a hands-on approach allows students to learn quicker and retain the information longer.

We work with all ages from pre-schoolers to seniors. We do hundreds of programs each year at schools, eldercare facilities and public venues.

Our public programs are open to anyone interested in nature. These programs vary in topic from specialized talks to general nature hikes across WNY. Our naturalists are well versed in a variety of nature topics.

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(716) 202-8002